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So we've been telling you for a few weeks now about our #StaffMash competition where staff from each of out three sites mashed in with Josh and Asa and came up with a special beer; and we've been telling you how you can vote for your favourite of the 6 different beers.

Here's a reminder of the six beers and who the teams were that brewed them...

1) Dandy Cellarman (Chris & Natalya, Tap East) - Twitter hashtag #DandyCellarman
2) Choc Orange Ice Cream Stout (Jake, The Rake) - Twitter hashtag #IceCreamStout
3) Just Dill With It (Makita, Gabby, Melinda & Andreas, The Rake) - Twitter hashtag #DillWithIt
4) Gruit Force (Clare, Tom & Jon, Utobeer Cage) - Twitter hashtag #GruitForce
5) DIPA Impact (Sadie & Jules, The Rake) - Twitter hashtag #DIPA
6) Pinky & The Grain (Dani, Tap East) - Twitter hashtag #PinkyGrain

So with the launch tomorrow, here's how you vote for your favourite...

  • Buy as many thirds of the #StaffMash beers you want to try(there will be flights of the 6 beers available) - we recommend you try all of them to make an informed decision but we also understand you might not be able to drink 2 pints of beer for whatever reason.
  • Decide which beer is your favourite.
  • To vote on twitter simply mention the name of the bar you're drinking in, so that's @tapeast or @rakebar and use the two hashtags #StaffMash & #favouritebeer so if you're drinking in Tap East and your favourite is Pinky & The Grain you would tweet @TapEast #StaffMash #PinkyGrain 
  • To vote in the bars simply go to the bar once you've tried all the beers you wanted, ask the staff for a bottle cap and put it in the glass that has your favourite beers name stuck to it.
We're really excited to see your reactions to these brews and we hope to see you tomorrow, either here at Tap East or at The Rake!