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Now Tap East is compact, even for a microbrewery, we know that; we live it every day, by we I mean our head brewer, Josh Walker(@labyrinthbrewer) and myself, Asa. For us every day is an adventure and our kit here at Tap East might be small but it isn't so small as to not have it's own R&Ddepartment, so that's TE.RD for short! ;)

I'll be heading up a series of ongoing monthly brews of just an itty bitty pin of something special for you starting at the end of June. I'm a huge fan of perpetual dissatisfaction! If a joiner only ever makes one or two types of popular chair all year round, they've stopped being a craftsman and are just a very slow production line. When a brewer stops challenging their beers, roll out the conveyer belts and the sweat breweries! 
The kit is ready, the fermenter's looking fresh and I've got a whole mixtape of beers I want to punt out to you all! I vow no two beers will be the same and we'll hold true to the UTO mantra (nicked from our pals at Falling Rock) "no crap on tap".

Some old school recipes will make a return bigger [literally the exact opposite] and better [that's true though!]...and some totally weird, wild and wonderful brews will be making their debut with special guest collaborators!

Successes may be scaled up for batches to reach across London and failures will be derided, ridiculed and run out of town (or renovated, reworked and rolled out improved). 

If you've got that recipe that 'you just know is going to work but only if someone would make it' then hit me up on my Instagram (@acefacejames) or the @Tapeast one, or pop in and shout through the crack in the door! I'm always happy to hear funky ideas and put my kit to the test!

I legendarily suck at drawing and did a humanities degree as it happens, so expect to see some off-key sketches and unreadable scrawls through these projects of mine. I'm a huge fan of easter eggs too, so expect some hidden surprises and niche humour!

The first beers in the works are solo gigs, fresh from the back of my mind...

OAT PALE, ABV TBC but probably around 4.5%. Hops also to be decided but I'm really liking summit right now. The launch is also still to be confirmed but it's likely to be the tail end of June.

The more love you show for these beers and Tap East, the more you're likely to see them return!

Watch this space beer lovers!