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Way back in 2016 the Tap East Sorrel IPA was a hit! Debuting the combination of big hops and big hibiscus in IPA form, Asa James always wanted to rebrew the beer with the intent of not only replicating but improving on its original recipe.
Finally that time has come and the beer that's been nearly three years in the making will make its reappearance on Thursday 20th September!

The well balanced combinations of Sorrel and Ginger, Oat and Wheat malts really brings the summer sun to your heart! Why settle for gloom and rain!? So plant your butt here at Tap East here in Stratford City or shake a leg west to The Rake in Borough Market to try it fresh off the keg!

Plus, good news for those early few! For a short time only you can pick up a very limited run of bottles too (label designs by Manesh Ravji) at Tap East, The Cage or The Rake in Borough Market! So don't sit back or you will miss out! 

The crafting never stops!

Tap East will also see Experimental Brew No.2 making its debut at Tap East only, also on Thursday 20th as part of the Pin Projects 2018. Look out for the beautiful new pumpclip designed especially by Cathy Kwan also making it's first appearance.

So come see what's been a'brewing before the pumps run dry!