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Regular customers might have noticed some groups of people, other than Josh and Asa,- hanging out in the brewery in recent weeks. These people were staff from other parts of the Utobeer/Tap East business who had come together to brew six different beers for you enjoyment for an event we're calling the 'Staff Brew Sessions'. 
The main purpose of the staff brew sessions is education we like all our staff to have gone through the process of brewing a beer, or at least having the knowledge to impart should the need arise. 

These beers will be released on Thursday July 12th here at Tap East and at The Rake, our bar in Borough Market and you'll be able to vote for your favourite!

The beers brewed as part of this in-house brew comp were :

This beer was brewed by our cellarman, Chris and staff member/DJ Natalya. Together with Josh and Asa they brewed a Classic German Pilsner with Mandarina Bavaria hops. Without straying too far from the style they've added a bit more hop content than you might usually find in a pilsner but it's still a lovely drop.
It's 5.5% abv and it's been lagered for a month.

Jake from the Rake wanted to make the quintessential British summer beer...Joking of course. This beer has half a kilo of Cocoa powder, Orange peel, Orange peel powder, Seville orange essence, de-fatted vanilla powder and almost 9% of the grist was lactose.
The beer is 5.8%.

Another beer from the staff at The Rake, this time it was Makita, Gabby, Melinda & Andrea who made the trip over for the brew day. Just Dill With It is a Cucumber & Dill Gose. Using Dill for aroma, around 20 Cucumbers for flavour and 600g of coriander seed because we love it here! This 4.6% abv beer had lactic acid culture from yoghurt to sour in the kettle and we monitored it's PH so that it hit 3.48. 

Coming over from the Utobeer cage in Borough Market were Claire, Jon and Tom who wanted to make a beer with no hops! Crazy right!? Not really as it seems, the team used traditional herbs that would have been used back in the day such as Yarrow & Mugwort for bittering but also a load of spices that you might not generally find in beer to use for aroma. After all this beer was inspired by Mango Chutney so extra spices were, ground Tumeric, Coriander Seed, Lemon Balm, Green Cardamom, Ginger Powder, Cardamom Seed Powder & Orange Peel. This 4.5% abv beer made a very well received 'sneeky peek' at last weekends London Brewers Alliance Festival and even the more sceptical of craft beer geeks were impressed and this slightly tart Mango-ey miracle!

Sadie and Jules came over from The Rake to make this 8.5% hop monster, we used so much grain our little kit couldn't handle it all so we had to add some malt extract to get up to the abv we wanted!

This 4.7% abv West coast style APA had 500g of hibiscus flowers added by Dani who's one of the bar team here at Tap East. Hops used in this one were Citra & Mosaic!

As we said these beers will be launch here at Tap East and at The Rake on Thursday July 12th and you, our loyal customers will be able to vote for your winner when you buy a flight of these. Voting rules will be finalised this week a circulated nearer the time!